At the sports base in Kharkov, the Benfica Football Academy has opened.

Participation in the opening of the academy at the Football Park stadium in the Sokolniki microdistrict.

Guests from Portugal - ex-Brazilian team defender and Benfica FC captain Luizao, as well as representatives of the global network of directors took part in the opening ceremony of the academy at the Football Park stadium in the Sokolniki microdistrict along with well-known Kharkiv football players Sergei Kandaurov and Alexander Goryainov. Benfica Academy, including CTO David Gomes.

To begin with, teams of young football players who will improve their skills here under the guidance of a group of Portuguese coaches played friendly matches and held an open training session. The age of the players is from 7 to 17 years, but, according to the rules of the academy, training can begin from 3 years. This was demonstrated by going to the field in full football outfit Peter Repin, who turned 2 years and 10 months: to the applause of the audience, he trained on equal terms with the older guys. After the matches, the young players took part in the autograph session, took selfies with their football idols, and then the whole team took pictures with them as a keepsake.

Answering a question from Ukrinform correspondent, the international ambassador of FC Benfica Luizao noted that there are three mandatory rules of success for a beginner footballer: first of all, the dream of football, then respect for the coach and willingness to fulfill his requirements, and finally, respect for the game, therefore , to members of his team and opponents.  

“All three rules helped me, I can’t single out one thing. It is a pity that in my family no one plays football except me, and I have already left professional sports. My two daughters are growing up, 7 and 11 years old, they have other interests so far. Perhaps later they will be interested in women's football, which is becoming increasingly popular in the world. Why not? Maybe in Ukraine football will develop for girls, ”says Luizao.

According to the technical director of the global network of Benfica academies, David Gomesh, Ukrainian football has great potential. “We need to start with teaching children. We have developed special techniques that we promote around the world and now - in Ukraine, ”he said.

And the sports director of the Benfica Kharkiv Academy Sergey Kandaurov, commenting on the abilities of young football players, said that the Portuguese coaches have already noted several guys: “It is possible that someday they will play in Lisbon.”

The training process at the Kharkov Academy has already begun: 60 children of different ages signed up for classes, classes three times a week.

Today, there are more than fifty Benfica football academies in the world. In 2015, the Portuguese Academy was recognized as the best in the world and since that time has consistently been among the three most prestigious children's football schools in the world.

As you know, the Benfica children's football academy was opened in the spring in the village of Ptdgirtsy, Obukhov district, Kiev region.

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