Kostyuchenko: Together with Benfica, we continue to develop youth football.

With the support of the Ukrainian Football Association, the first Benfica Cup international children’s tournament was held at the Benfica Football Academy, Ukraine.

Al-teams from different regions of Ukraine fought for trophies and Al-Bahir from Jerusalem. After the end of the tournament, a distinguished delegation from the Portuguese Benfica took part in the award ceremony: the club’s international ambassador, the legendary captain of Benfica, Brazilian ex-player Luizao, the commercial director of FC Benfica Bernardo Carvalho, one of the directors of the worldwide network of academies of Benfica »Miguel Reisch, main scout of FC Benfica Juniors Tiago Silva.

The Ukrainian Football Association presented the teams that won prizes with 100 goals and set 12 individual prizes for the best football players of various roles, which, under the standing ovation, were presented by the UAF First Vice President Vadim Kostyuchenko.

“Our association has developed very good relations with the Portuguese Football Federation, and I am glad that now, participating as partners in the Benfica Cup-2019 tournament, we, together with the famous Benfica, will continue our strategic line for the development of youth football in Ukraine . Let me remind you that it is the development of youth football that is one of the priority tasks for the UAF, ” noted by Vadim Kostyuchenko.

“It was just an incredible feeling! I want to note that the tournament was perfectly organized, all the teams played very interesting football, they devoted all their strength to victory. I saw that the Benfica Academy in Ukraine, which I opened in April, is actively developing, many promising children are involved here, and this, of course, will benefit Ukrainian football, ” said after the completion of the Benfica Cup-2019 legendary player Luizao.

And the main scout of Benfica Tiago Silva added that he had already noted for himself three young football players whom he wants to see again during his next visit to Ukraine.

As for the tournament's triumphs, they won in their age groups: among the teams born in 2007 - DYUSSH-1 (Chervonograd), 2009 - DYUSSH-15 (Kiev), 2010 - “Smyga-Euroshpon” (Rivne region) .

Many prizes for the tournament participants were prepared by the partners of the Benfica Cup - the sports brand Decathlon and the IT company Pri-Num. The latter, in addition to the prizes proper, presented wonderful bouquets to two girls who played together with the guys in the football teams.

And UAF vice-president Vadim Kostyuchenko made a wonderful gift to Benfica Ukraine Football Academy, handing it to representatives of the bronze eagle - a symbol of the Portuguese club.

Closing the tournament, Director of the Benfica Football Academy of Ukraine Maria Krivopishyna assured that the Benfica Cup will become traditional and invited all teams to take part in it in 2020.

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